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Intelligent heated thermal Jacket

Intelligent heated thermal Jacket

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Intelligent heated thermal Jacket

 Smart Jacket with heat Thermostat
Adjustable front and rear heated
Waterproof 9 zone heating Jacket
Camping, Skiing, Walking

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Intelligent heated thermal jacket /

This is how you like to go outside in winter: With the heat pads sewn into the chest and back area of ​​your outdoor jacket, you can outsmart the cold!

Perfect feel-good factor: With 3 adjustable temperature levels (30 ℃, 40 ℃, 50 ℃) including a switch to only heat the front or the back, you can adapt the intelligent heatable thermal jacket to the outside temperature. Ideal for long winter walks, tobogganing or building a snowman.

Very comfortable to wear : The 3 ultra-flat, flexible heating pads are not bulky and will warm you up in no time.

Please use a mobile power, our USB intelligent heated thermal jacket does not contain mobile power, like our power bank .

Please note the size in cm, measure before buying.
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Intelligent heated thermal jacket /

Special feature:

  1. 9 heating zones: the neck, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen and stomach are fully heated and can withstand the severe cold of -40 °C.
  2. Double control switch: Can adjust the heating area of ​​the front and rear heating areas separately, more personalized heat, and can extend the heating time.
  3. Far-infrared carbon fiber heating sheet's deep constant temperature mechanism helps eliminate dampness and coldness in the body.
  4. Fast heating and heat retention in 3 seconds, no waiting time, heat release, long press for 3 seconds to open.
  5. With mobile energy storage bag, easy to travel.
  6. Set the temperature you want to use to respond to a variety of environments.
  7. One button to heat, three-level temperature control, intelligent heating.
  8. Polyester fabric plus waterproof treatment.
  9. Do not wring it dry by hand.
  10. General power supply via USB interface, longer service life, splashproof and washable.
  11. Warm, comfortable and breathable, the Smart Heated Thermal Jacket is a good partner for your winter going out.
Intelligent heated thermal jacket /

How to use the Intelligent Heating Jacket, 9 Zones:

  1. Unplug the USB connector
  2. Insert the mobile charger .
  3. Turn on the mobile charger.
  4. Press the chest temperature button for two seconds.
  5. The red light flashes means automatic heating.
  6. After the red light flashes for 5 minutes, it will automatically switch to white light, which means middle temperature.
  7. Manual adjustment has three levels, red light means continuous heating at high temperature. White light means continuous medium heating, blue light means continuous low heating.
  8. Press the chest temperature button for two seconds to clear and stop heating.
Intelligent heated thermal jacket /
Intelligent heated thermal jacket /

Product Details:

  • Product: Intelligent heated thermal jacket
  • Style: Long Sleeve Cotton Coat
  • Material: polyester, cotton
  • Powerbank not included, use a standard one with less than 20'000mAh or buy our power bank
  • Colour: black, white, green
  • Size: L / XL / 2XL / 3XL / 4XL / 5XL
  • Power supply interface: USB
  • Function: keep warm, prevent splashing water and cold
  • Gender: Men + Women
  • Fit: Please look at the table
  • Feature: Thermal
  • Temperature offset: manual adjustment
  • Warm: 50℃ (Red light)
  • Comfort:40℃ (White light)
  • Energy saving: 30℃ (Blue light)
Intelligent heated thermal jacket /
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