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Revolutionary thawing plate

Revolutionary thawing plate

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Revolutionary thawing plate

Defrost quickly and healthily
Non-toxic recyclable materials
Machine washable
Food grade aluminum

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    The hottest tool for the modern family kitchen: Quickly defrosting and keeping food fresh , this plate fully meets every hostess' need for fresh food and efficient cooking.

    Revolutionary defrosting plate for meat + frozen food, healthy defrosting /

    Main feature:

    • Defrost frozen food faster and healthier:
    • It is made of a special alloy used in the aerospace industry and has a high-precision coating on its surface. Its thermal conductivity is many times superior to that of ordinary metal.
    • It can thaw frozen food naturally and quickly, keeping food fresh, retaining nutrients and good taste . Energy saving, no electricity required..
    • Made from non-toxic recyclable materials that are safe for the human body.
    • Easy to take: suitable for outdoor camping barbecue.
    • Easy to Clean: Dense surface of the board prevents oil, antifouling effectively, only needs a small amount of water to clean.
    • Environmentally friendly : The board is reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. As long as we don't use it as a cutting board or use sharp material to clean the plate, it may damage the plate or affect the defrosting effect.
    Revolutionary defrosting plate /
    Revolutionary defrosting plate /

    Product Details:

    • Product: Revolutionary thawing plate
    • Shape: rectangle
    • Material: Alloy
    • Functions : Eco-friendly, save time
    • Material: food grade aluminum
    • Color: Black
    • The set includes: 1x silicone sponge, 4x non-slip corner, 1x hanging rope
    • Sizes : Small: 23x16.5x0.2 cm / Medium: 29x20.5x0.2 cm / Large: 35x20.5x0.2 cm
    Revolutionary defrosting plate for meat + frozen food, healthy defrosting /
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