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Compressed Air Blow Gun

Compressed Air Blow Gun

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Compressed Air Blow Gun

    Keyboards, Electronics , Car Seats, Sofa etc.
    Integrated Battery & USB Connection
    Can be used without a Cable

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    Compressed air blow gun /


    1. Please plug the USB charging cable into the blower USB charging port, the red light will flash when charging, and the red light will always be on when full.
    2. It can be used by pressing the dust button, and the order of pressing (1,2,3 times) is (1,2 gears and shutdown gears). At the same time, there are LEDs to indicate the working status
    3. Touch the bright button to turn on/off the illumination LED
    4. This air blow gun uses a lithium-ion battery that can be charged (but not supported while charging) while in use. There is no need to wait for the battery to run out before charging. Keep the battery charged at all times, which is beneficial for extending battery life.
    5. When the compressed air blow gun operates, the fan blades rotate at high speed. Inserting foreign objects into the product is strictly prohibited, otherwise it may damage the machine


    1. Quickly remove strong wind, dust and bacteria, clean without dead ends
    2. Small and portable. The compressed air blow gun is about 450 g
    3. USB charging
    4. Wireless handheld
    5. Efficient battery life, long-lasting dust collection, 45000r speed performance
    Compressed air blow gun /

    Product description:

    • Product: compressed air blow gun
    • Power supply: DC5V
    • Power: 60W
    • Motor speed: 45000 rpm
    • Battery capacity: 15000mAh
    • Charging time: about 7 hours
    • Usage time: first course: about 1 hour; second course: approx. 0.8 h
    • Material: ABS PP
    • Decibels: <80dB
    • Single Weight: About 580g
    • Product size: approx. 18.9 x 7.9 x 13.1 cm
    • Charging interface: Type-C interface
    • Charging current: 5V/2A
    • Type: Vacuum cleaner
    • Application: Hard disk, hardware, keyboard

    Package list:

    • 1 * Air Blow Gun
    • 2* Suction Head
    • 1 * USB Cable
    Compressed air blow gun /
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