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Individual Projection Bracelet with Photo

Individual Projection Bracelet with Photo

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Individual Photo Projecting
Unique Projection Bracelet
Personalized Gift

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Each bracelet is handcrafted with a custom image inside that lovingly captures your personal memories. Whether it's a meaningful photo of a special moment, a loved one, or an inspiring place, this bracelet will become a distinctive expression of your personality. Immerse yourself in the magic of memories with our custom photo projection bracelet - a unique accessory that brings the beauty of your favorite moments to life.

💖 Material: Made of stainless steel and hand-braided into a braided rope
🌟 Pearl colors: Choose between gold (1), silver (2), rose gold (3) or black (4)
🎨 Strap colors: Choose between black, pink, white or blue
📏 Length: Adjustable from 17 to 25 CM
🔗 Chain: An artfully braided rope that combines strength and style

Individual projection bracelet with photo /

Three Methods to view the Photo:

  1. Through the Phone Camera: Press the projector stone onto the camera of your smartphone and the image will appear on your screen so you can view it anytime, anywhere.
  2. Projection on a Wall: Hold the projector stone close to a light source such as your phone's flashlight and project the image onto a wall in the dark for a fascinating visual experience.
  3. Direct Viewing: Simply look through the stone with the naked eye and the image will appear clear and distinct, allowing you to enjoy your memories in all their glory.

Product details:

  • Product: Individual Projection Bracelet with Photo
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Braided Rope
  • Size: 17-25cm
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