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Silicon stretch lid, reusable

Silicon stretch lid, reusable

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Silicon stretch lids, reusable 6pcs.

Set of 6 different sized silicone lids
For half-cut melons etc.
Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher
Reduce your plastic waste

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Leftover food? No more problems from now on. Simply cover previous food with this ingenious silicone lid kitchen gadget and it will stay fresh until you are hungry again.

Silicon stretch lids, reusable /

Are there leftovers? Don't throw it away! Just cover it with these Silicone Stretch Lids, Reusable and it stays fresh until you get hungry again! The silicone food saver lids can be used to cover cooked food, fruits, salads, sauces, as well as beverages such as coffee, tea, juice and more.

6 Different Size Silicone Covers: The set includes 6 transparent silicone covers of different sizes. Thanks to their stretchy material, the food lids easily fit most bowls, pots, containers, mugs, cups, cans, jars, and you can even use them to cover your half-cut melon or watermelon.

Absolutely safe materials: Your safety is our top priority. That's why we've made sure the Silicone Stretch Lids, Reusable are BPA-free, food-safe, and completely non-toxic. You can therefore use the stretch lids at any time without having to worry about your health and that of your family!

COLD AND HEAT RESISTANT: Feel free to put the stretchable food lid in the freezer or even in the microwave and dishwasher. Because the silicone material is resistant to low and high temperatures (up to 450F), the bowl stretch lid will stay intact and as good as new for a very long time.

ECO-FRIENDLY & ECONOMIC : The Silicone Stretch Lids, Reusable reduce your plastic waste and help you save money as you no longer need to buy cellophane to freshly cover your leftovers. Plus, the bowl lid keeps your food fresher that much better!
Silicon stretch lids, reusable /
  • Product: Silicon stretch lid, reusable
  • Type: Cookware Parts
  • Type of cookware part: lid
  • Certification: CIQ
  • Feature: Eco-friendly
Silicon stretch lids, reusable /
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