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Transparent USB Cat Fountain, Automatic Water Dispenser

Transparent USB Cat Fountain, Automatic Water Dispenser

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Automatic Cat Fountain
 Clean, running Water
Blue, Green, White, Transparent
3 Water flow Speeds
Quiet Pump, minimum Noise

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This transparent USB cat fountain is an automatic water dispenser specially designed for cats. It is a practical and hygienic device that provides your cat with fresh and clean water. The fountain has a pump that circulates the water, ensuring that the water is constantly moving. The constant movement of the water increases the oxygen content and keeps the water fresher.

Transparent USB cat fountain, automatic water dispenser /

This transparent USB cat fountain has a capacity of 1.5 liters and is therefore large enough to feed several cats. There are different settings with which you can regulate the water flow rate and thus adapt it to your cat's needs. There is also a filter in the fountain that ensures that dirt and impurities are removed from the water.

Cleaning the cat fountain is quick and easy. All removable parts can be easily disassembled and cleaned in the dishwasher. Using a cat fountain can help your cat drink more water and therefore stay healthy. It can also help you worry less about your cat's water supply, as the fountain provides the water automatically.

The cat fountain is a great investment for any cat owner who wants to ensure that their cats have fresh, clean water available at all times.

Transparent USB cat fountain, automatic water dispenser /

Product details:

  • Product: Transparent USB Cat Fountain
  • Capacity: 1.5L ideal for dogs, cats and most pets
  • 3 different water flow speed mode makes the pet happier and healthier
  • Material: food grade plastic
  • Product Color: Available in different colors
  • Product size: approx. 16x11.5x12.5cm
  • Replacement filter: Can be ordered under 10 filters for cat fountains


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