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USB Cooling Vest with Fans

USB Cooling Vest with Fans

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USB Cooling Vest with Fans

Cool Vest with ZIP Closure
 Integrated Hood
Two Fans
Three-level Speed Control

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Immerse yourself in the cool world of our USB cooling vest with fans! This revolutionary vest offers a unique cooling experience to guarantee you comfort even in the hottest moments . With two powerful fans that reach a wind speed of up to 4500 rpm, you can regulate the speed as you wish.

Our USB cooling vest with fans uses breathable, wear-resistant and wrinkle-free fabric with micro-pore sweating technology that ensures healthy cooling . Whether you're doing outdoor activities or just working on a hot day, this vest will keep you consistently cool and comfortable.

USB cooling vest with fans /

The brushless DC motor ensures optimized heat dissipation and a service life of up to 6000 hours without sacrificing wind power. The innovative design of the fan spring blades creates an even and dense cutting air flow for stronger wind.

The practical rotating and fixed fan thread and the buckle-equipped connector offer easy installation and prevent poor contact caused by frequent activities.

Your health is important to us - the mesh ventilation layer prevents the fan from blowing directly onto the body and provides a pleasant, cool breeze.

Please measure before purchasing so that you order the correct size or leave your measurements in the information at the end of the order process:
"Height", "Weight", "Chest", "Shoulder Width" and "Arm Width".

USB cooling vest with fans /

    How does the USB cooling vest with fans work? The cooling vest distributes the air evenly over the entire body. The cool wind ensures efficient air circulation in the vest and reduces the temperature by 20%. The inner mesh is sweatproof and breathable, while the fan does not come into direct contact with the material. In summer, this vest offers comfort and safety.

    High-quality materials: The cooling vest is made of lightweight and breathable material, which not only absorbs sweat quickly, but also protects against ultraviolet rays and prevents heatstroke. Their small volume does not affect your work and increases work efficiency.

    Dual Fan Design: The USB cooling vest with fans has two fan units at the waist of the garment. You can connect the power bank via USB to activate cooling (power bank not included). With three airflow modes, you can adjust the airflow according to working conditions and reduce the temperature by more than 8°C.

    Intelligent design: At the waist, an area where the human body is easy to get cold, there is a mesh layer on the inside of the garment. This not only prevents direct wind at the waist to avoid damage, but also directs the wind for rapid evaporation of sweat and heat dissipation.

    Safe and Easy to Use: The USB cooling vest with fans is easy to use and safe. It can be machine washed, but remember to remove the fan assembly before cleaning.

    Suitable for many occasions: This cooling clothing is ideal for working in high temperature environments such as construction sites, fields and hot environments. It is also perfect for sporting activities such as hiking and mountain adventures. In addition to UV protection, it can also be used as a windproof vest.

    USB cooling vest with fans /

    Product details:

    • Product: USB Cooling Vest with Fans
    • Material: 100% Polyester
    • Gender: Men, Women
    • Colors: Blue, Gray, White
    • Size: M - 4XL
    • Power source: Power bank (Not included)
    • Working time per charge: 8-12 hours with 10,000mAh
    • Seasons: Spring and Summer

    Package includes:

    • 1 x USB Cooling Vest with Fans
    • 2 x 9cm Brushless Motor Fans
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
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