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Vacuum Machine

Vacuum Machine

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Vacuum Machine

Food storage
Bottles & Tupperware
Keeping food fresh
Built-in cutter

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Product description:

1. Keep Food Fresh and Full of Flavor:

Reduce waste with this vacuum sealer ; Preserves the nutrients, flavor and longevity of your food with the simple use of the vacuum system. This vacuum sealer not only helps you save food, but also saves you time and money . Removes most of the oxygen and reduces the rate of oxidation, the growth of microorganisms and molds that cause bacteria. Best purchase option for a smooth and organized kitchen.

2. Security:

A. Certificate: This vacuum sealer machine is certified by CE, CB, GS, ETL, ROHS and REACH etc.

B. 12V low voltage heating cables ensure more safety.

C.NTC Overheat Protection: Our food sealer with NTC overheat protection provides more safety and safer use. It will stop working when all the lights are flashing when the monitor temperature is high, and keep working when the temperature goes down.

3. Quick sealing and continuous working:

The upgraded program vacuum food sealer provides a quick seal in 6-11 seconds (6-9 seconds for dry mode and 8-11 seconds for wet mode). This food packaging machine is designed to work continuously without pausing between each round of VAC SEAL.

4. Built-in cutter, LED display and vacuum pressure:

Unique with built-in cutter for making custom vacuum bags. Advanced control panel with LED indicator light provides convenience to know the actual working status. Installed with a high-quality suction pump, the vacuum sealer machine offers suction power of up to 60 kPa.

5. Dry / Humid mode:

Moist/dry mode setting helps in optimized sealing of different foods.

6. Instant sealing function:

The instant sealing system in our food sealing machine prevents delicate food from being crushed.

7. Perfect seal width for sous vide

Our automatic food sealer with 3mm sealing width perfectly supports sous vide cooking and avoids splitting during cooking. Ideal gift choice for your family and friends. Buy our vacuum sealer machine today to keep your food fresh.

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Effectively increase the shelf life of your food with our vacuum sealer:

Do not vacuum fresh vegetables and fruits, as they will decompose faster due to their own respiration - fermentation!

This electric food vacuum sealer helps seal and freeze portions of meals, snacks, meat, fish, dried fruits, nuts and many other family sized edible items.

This vacuum sealer can also be used to pack valuable goods such as antiques, electronics and jewelry. Protect non-food items. Keep camping and boating supplies dry and organized for trips. Protect polished silver from tarnishing by minimizing air exposure.

Touch-sensitive control panel and built-in cutter: 

Convenient and easy to use for adults of all ages

Advanced control panel with LED indicator light provides convenience to know the actual working status.

Uniquely designed with a built in cutter to create custom vacuum bags.

Powerful and quiet motor:

The kitchen vacuum sealer works efficiently with a powerful, low-noise motor.

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Compatible with multiple accessories:

This vacuum sealer is compatible with multiple accessories such as vacuum containers, canisters and bottle caps for wine and oil. Offers a user-friendly experience with a simple process.

Lightweight and compact design

Equipped with the beautiful rounded edges and clever design, this kitchen vacuum sealer machine makes daily meal planning easier for housewives or family members.

The vacuum sealer provides efficient and clutter-free packaging to meet your kitchen needs. The vacuum sealed food takes up less space in your freezer or fridge and allows you to easily monitor the food you are storing.

Product Details:

  • Product: Vacuum Machine
  • Certification: EMC, CE, RoHS
  • Model Number: Vacuum Food Sealer
  • With vacuum bag: Yes
  • Seal length: 30cm
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Food saver: use for food saver
Vacuum machine /
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